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1 Day Classic Lash Training

Are you ready to start a new career in beauty...or build your side hustle? Lashes are the perfect way to earn an income doing something that makes people feel good! Eyelash extensions are becoming the fastest growing treatment worldwide. This profitable treatment allows you to create your own working schedule, set your own pricing and build a strong client base. Due to the nature of eyelash extensions and how addictive they are, it also means you will have a high client retention rate! 


We don't have to tell you that eyelash extensions are high in demand, so this is an amazing business to build. You can expect to earn upwards of £2000 per month, with experienced and in-demand lash technicians earning over £5000 a month! Again, this is a career which is designed by YOU - so you can set your own hours, meaning you can do this as a profitable side hustle or work all the hours you want to and make that dolla!


Lash Business


Classic lashes


What are Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes create a natural makeup-free look that instantly brightens and opens up the eye. Classic lash treatments have become extremely popular within the beauty industry, with many opting for semi-permanent classic.

Classic lashes for a hassle mascara free look but still desiring the enhanced facial definition that lashes bring. 


Course Content


Day 1

Morning Session

Training will begin 10am- 5pm times can be subject to change 

In the morning we will cover theory (with your own manual that you can take home)

Lash anatomy and physiology, lash cycle, lash shapes & styles, lash curls, weight and length.

Practising cleansing lashes, applying micro tape and gel pads, classic lash application, isolating lashes and three different lash applications on mannequins


Day 2

Afternoon Session

Practise on live models 

Learning how to apply individual lashes under the supervision of tutor with hands and feedback

at the end of the day of the day we will go over any Q&A

Practise at home on mannequin heads (this is super important to take advantage of as will help on day 2 of training.)

How to take lash images

Social media

Logo and website

Theme of business

Google my business


Product Budget


Course Requirements


No experience is required for this course. This is a complete beginner’s course, ideal for people who are new to the beauty industry or who want to brush up on their skills.


Course Qualifications


After completing the course, you will be a fully qualified Classic Lash Technician. All of our courses are fully accredited with CPD, meaning they are in-depth and allow you to gain a full understanding and and is internationally recognised.


What do you need to bring?


You will need to arrange your own model to come on the day; they will only be needed from 1pm-4pm. Your model should arrive with no lash extensions on and no eye makeup. If you are unable to bring a model on the day then please message us and we will try our best to help, however, please note we cannot guarantee we will be able to find you a model.

No equipment is required; just bring yourself and some patience! As a beginner, remember that this will be a totally new skill you're learning, so don't be too hard on yourself! You are here to learn and we're here to teach and support you.


Glow Up Graduates Community - After-care support:


After completing your course, you'll join our Glow Up Graduates community - including our free Facebook support group! This is a safe space for you to ask any questions you may have and build mutual support alongside new lash technicians. This is vital! We find that a lot of new technicians compare themselves to lash experts who have been lashing for years - so it's important to have a support system who are on a similar level, going through similar experiences, who can motivate and inspire you! 


Our aftercare support also includes:


o Unlimited email and telephone support direct with your trainer for 3 months after your training is completed

o FREE refreshers classes for any students that are struggling

 Support via FB & Instagram Direct Messenger 

We want to see your business grow, so we will always be here to support you.


Course price & Payment

Classic Lash Course £450 with basic kit

Russian Lash Course £450 with basic kit

Combinesd Lash Training £650 with deluxe kit

We can offer payment plans spreading the cost over 12months

We take payments through



Classic Lash Training Program