Brow Lamination Training Program


Move over Microblading (you're so 2008!).


Brow lamination gives you the instant bushy brow look and there is no needles or pain involved.


What is Brow Lamination?


Brow lamination is a process where the natural hairs are manipulated with a keratin brow solution bringing brows back to life with a full bushy look.


Why train in Brow lamination?


Everybody is all about eyebrow goals these days, meaning beauty professionals need to be able to offer a variety of treatments to build their client bases. Brow lamination treatments help technicians to achieve a more defined and fuller brow for their clients.


So...ready to hear about this course?


Our ACCREDITED BUSHY BROW LAMINATION training course is a half-day course. 


On this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about henna brow theory and application. 


This course is ideal for beginners, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a competent and confident Bushy Brow Technician. Brow lamination is a natural alternative to Microblading or HD eyebrows and is created by using keratin brow solution on the eyebrows.


This is a great option for creating a more fuller neat brow. Brow lamination lasts upto 4 weeks giving the brow a fuller look.

You will learn a range of brow-grooming procedures, including hot waxing, and application of tint of the brows, to allow you to competently offer this in-demand treatment from home and/or mobile, creating natural-looking arches and a defined brow shape for your clients.


Course contents:


 Client consultation

 Health & Safety for your salon

 Appearance of the therapist

 Cleaning and sterilisation procedures

 Anatomy & Physiology 

 Hair Growth and Hair Types

 Eyebrow Function

 Products and equipment required

 Patch Testing - how and where

 Allergies

 Contraindications and contra- actions

 Introduction to brow lamination

 Mapping the Brows

 Cleansing, Application keratin brow solution

 Mapping of the brow ) 

 Waxing of the brow - 

 Threading

 Aftercare form

 Client Consent

 Full procedure (video) 

 How to obtain Insurance 

 Business models

 Social media set up

 Marketing strategies 



Course requirements:


No experience is required for this course. This is a complete beginners course, ideal for people who are new to the beauty industry or who want to brush up on their skills.


Course qualification:


After completing the course, you will be a fully qualified Bushy Brow Lamination Technician. All of our courses are fully accredited with CPD, meaning they are in-depth and allow you to gain a full understanding and skills in providing this popular



What do you need to bring?


You will need to arrange your own model to come on the day, they will only be needed from 1pm-4pm. Your model should arrive with no makeup on. If you are unable to bring a model on the day then please message us and we will try our best

to help, however, please note we can not guarantee we will be able to find you a model.


No equipment is required, just bring yourself and some patience! As a beginner, remember that this will be a totally new skill you're learning, so don't be too hard on yourself! You are here to learn and we're here to teach and support you.


Glow Up Graduates Community - After-care support:

After completing your course, you'll join our BUSHY BROW Graduates community - including our free Facebook support group! This is a safe space for you to ask any questions you may have and build mutual support alongside new beauty technicians.


This is vital! We find that a lot of new technicians compare themselves to brow experts who have been lashing for years - so it's important to have a support system who are on a similar level, going through similar experiences, who can motivate and

inspire you! 


Our aftercare support also includes:


 Unlimited email and telephone support direct with your trainer for 3 months after your training is completed

 FREE refreshers classes for any students that are struggling

 Support via FB & Instagram Direct Messenger. We want to see your business grow, so we will always be here to support you.


Payment Methods: We have two options available:


 Pay in full on the day of booking 

 Book with just a £50 deposit and pay remaining balance 7 days prior to the training day.

 Please note, kit is not included on this course but can be added on for an additional £49. Please contact us to arrange this prior to your course date. 


Got a question about this course? Contact us!

Brow Lamination Training Program