At The Glow Up Studio, we specialise in the GLOW. We live for the look on our clients faces when they see their transformation after a treatment! Our threading and waxing services will freshen up your look with a bit of precision tidying (aka threading and waxing!). If you’re looking to really treat your skin, our in demand facial treatments will give you the ultimate glow up!


Eyebrow Threading / Waxing

Approx 15 mins

Eyebrow threading has been in practice for thousands of years, with origins in Europe and the Middle East. At Lash Beauty Brow, we specialise in eyebrow sculpting and hair removal. Our eyebrow shaping method entails gently rolling a twisted thread over the brow area and plucking hairs from the follicles. Alternatively we can achieve your desired brow shape through waxing.

Upper Lip / Chin Threading or Waxing 

Approx 5 mins

Facial hair can really knock confidence, so if you want to remove unwanted facial hair, we can support you with a threading or waxing treatment. Threading entails gently rolling a twisted thread over the brow area and plucking hairs from the follicles. Alternatively, waxing is also one of the most effective means of hair removal available. Unlike threading, it can be used to remove entire swaths of hair in one movement, and it can even be used on coarse and thick hair. If you have unwanted facial hair or body hair, we can help you remove it safely and effectively, leaving you with completely smooth skin. 


Full Face Threading / Waxing

Approx 30 mins

Let your glow shine through with our full face threading or waxing treatment - removing any unwanted facial hair and leaving you with super smooth skin!





Approx 60 mins

Our dermapen treatment is one of our most popular for those wanting a skin glow-up! The end result of this treatment is tightened, rejuvenated and glowing skin.


Express Dermaplane

Approx 30 mins

Dermaplaning is a super effective and safe exfoliating treatment in which we use a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This is an express treatment and is completed within 30 minutes, leaving your skin fresh and glowing!


Luxury Dermaplane

60 mins

This treatment is the ultimate skin pick-me-up! Our luxury derma plane treatment involves exfoliate the face, extracting using our pore extractor, dermaplane treatment, followed by a mud mask with glycolic acid peel. Finishing off with LED light treatment! This is a high-performance treatment to refine, renew, brighten, lighten, tighten, smooth, stimulate, calm and hydrate the skin, tailored suit your skin’s needs. We use all organic, natural products.  


LED Light Facial

30 mins


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